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When comparing roof types, PVC roofing is one of the more sought-after options for commercial roofing systems. This is a single-ply membrane that provides decades of protection and superior energy efficiency, reducing your property’s heating and cooling costs. Designed to be highly resistant to chemicals, fire, and punctures, it is an excellent choice for many properties requiring a higher-end, more durable system. For these reasons, PVC roofing systems work well on restaurants and larger buildings.

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Exceptional Durability

PVC membrane roofing offers a high level of strength because it has heat-welded seams. These seams create a watertight bond that’s stronger than the membrane roofing itself, increasing its overall performance. There is no tape or adhesive to worry about in these systems.


Energy Efficient

When installing a cool roof for a flat roofing system, PVC roofing works very well to provide lower air conditioning costs because of its solar reflectivity. Less energy is wasted, and less money is wasted on heating or cooling the structure.


Solid Fire Resistance

In any commercial building, fire resistance in the roofing material is important. PVC roofing provides it with a roof membrane that’s very hard to ignite. It is also resistant to oxidation reactions, creating a safer, more reliable solution for your building.

Long-Lasting Reliability

Installing a PVC roof means not having to worry about replacing it for years to come – most offer at least 20 years of commercial roofing protection.

Superior Chemical Resistance

A PVC roofing system is one that provides excellent chemical resistance, which means you do not have to get a roof replacement due to harsh chemical exposure, which is common in some flat roofs.

Flexible and Adaptable

PVC roofing is easy to install on all types of surfaces, even those that have numerous vents or structures on the flat roof itself.

Which is the right choice for you?


PVC vs EPDM is an important comparison your roofing contractors will want you to make. PVC offers a number of key advantages over comparative products, including EPDM. One of the key benefits is improved durability, even in some of the harshest conditions. PVC is a hard plastic material that can handle heavy use and nature with solid reliability, which means less risk for needing roof repair on a consistent basis.

It also allows for prefabrication, which means it is measured and constructed offsite before being brought to your location. That allows for heat-welded seams, which create the strongest seams you can find while still providing a highly precise fit. It’s designed to provide a higher level of handling against wind and intense weather conditions, too.

Unlike EPDM and TPO roofing, PVC roofing tends to last longer, with some products providing a lifetime warranty. That means you do not have to worry about roof replacement for decades to come. It is also faster to install than either of these products, which means lower labor costs for the installation, and you’re business’s downtime for installation is much shorter with PVC roofing.

A final advantage when considering PVC vs EPDM is energy efficiency. PVC is highly resistant, creating the cool roof you desire and dropping your air conditioning costs. This energy efficiency is one of the key reasons, so many consumers want it over other products and why PVC roof material continues to be one of the most sought after of all flat roof material options.

When it comes to PVC roof installation, DuroLast DuroTuff PVC Roofing is an excellent choice for reducing the amount of time it takes to install a new roof, while also providing custom fabricated deck sheets or rolls. It’s easier to install when we get to your location but provides a much better, long-term level of protection as a result of prefabrication.

Durolast® PVC Roof Membranes

For flat roof installation, PVC roofing from DuroLast is an outstanding solution for its long-term warranties. Options include high-wind and hail warranties to ensure all flat roof materials offer a long lifespan and keep your property safe for years to come.

This PVC roof material provides an aesthetic look designed to fit any commercial building, including options for shingle or ballast design printed right onto the PVC roofing membrane. Your flat roof can still look good and match the surrounding building aesthetics with a wide range of options to choose from for most properties.

The PVC roof material available through GAP is versatile with several product styles available, including 50-mil, 60-mil, and 80-mil. This ensures proper protection or any type of flat roof installation need.

GAF® TPO Roof Membranes

GAP PVC roofing material is highly reflective, which easily creates a higher level of energy savings for most commercial buildings. They work well to save you money over the long-term just by keeping heating and cooling costs lower.

GAF flat roof replacement is easy when you choose a product offering up to 25 years of protection. These long lifespans come with a warranty to back up their durability and ability to handle even some of the harshest climates.

The added protection from VERSICO PVC roofing comes from its high chemical resistance, which means it is less likely to be damaged by grease, fires, chemicals, or animal fat. It is an excellent choice for restaurants and others with risks.

Versico PVC Roof Membranes

Versico PVC roof material has a low thermal conductivity, which allows it to reduce the cooling load in a building. That means it works to save you money every year from reduced air conditioning costs. The company’s PVC roofing material has been used for years with solid reliability. It also provides a solid, long-term warranty depending on which model is selected.

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