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Experience The Benefits of Metal Roofing  

When it comes time to decide which commercial roofing materials to utilize, metal roof panels are your most cost-effective, durable, and long-term option. A metal roof can last 50+ years on your commercial building due to the material of construction and secure installation from a licensed roofing contractor.

Minimal maintenance is required, so you can have peace of mind that your building’s roof will last even when the worst storms rip through the San Antonio area. Many metal roof options are available to choose from, so continue on to learn about the products and systems we have available for your commercial applications. 


Long Lasting Solution  

Unlike traditional shingle roofs, metal roofing sheets are engineered to last for decades to come.

Despite brutal sun rays, Texas heat, and high winds, these metal roofing materials can stand up to Mother Nature’s harshest conditions.

It is unlikely you will need a roof repair or replacement for at least the next 40+ years once it is installed. 

Commercial TPO metal roof installation in San Antonio


Reduced Operating Costs 

The Texas summer heat can significantly increase costs associated with keeping your building’s employees cool and comfortable.

Due to the ingenuity of metal roofs, the sun is reflected and keeps the inside of the building cooler.

Your building’s HVAC unit will not have to work nearly as hard to meet cooling demands for years to come.


McAllen Valley Roofing installation of commercial metal roof in San Antonio Texas


Increased Safety

The risk of a roof collapsing during a fire is mitigated when your roof has metal roof panels installed.

The metal material of construction prevents the spread of the flames and keeps everyone inside safer.

Better still, you may even be able to save money on your commercial fire insurance policy if you speak with your insurance agent. 

Retro-R Panel

Commercial metal roofing can be completed faster than ever since Retro-R eliminates the roof/wall removal process entirely. 

Reduced Costs

These metal roofing panels can be directly installed over existing panels, which greatly reduces installation time and labor costs.


Color Selection

You can keep your building from Mother Nature’s elements while still meeting your exact branding/design needs with a wide color selection. 

Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

When you need a concealed fastener roofing system with vertical or trapezoidal options, you can end your search here.

McAllen Valley Roofing commercial install metal roof in San Antonio Texas


Low Maintenance

Hardly any maintenance work or costs are required to keep these metal panels in tip-top condition for years to come, even after severe weather hits our region. 

Energy Cost Savings

Since the metal roofing material reflects the sun’s harsh rays, your commercial building will experience reduced HVAC use energy costs. 

No matter your commercial roofing application, Quality metals has the metal roof materials to match it. 

Concealed Fastener Systems 

Available with or without a clip, the concealed fastener systems are some of the quickest and easiest to install on your commercial metal roof on the market. 

Standing Seam Systems 

Regardless if you need the system formed at the factory or on-site, your exact needs can be met with standing seam systems. 

Exposed Fastener Systems

These exposed fastener systems work perfectly for many architectural, agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications.

The highest quality, most eco-friendly roofing products can all be found here.

Concealed Fastener Systems 

When aesthetics, weather resistance, and durability are all conditions that must be met, the concealed fastener system is exactly what you need on your commercial metal roof. 

Standing Seam Systems 

A standing seam system is the most weather-tight in the industry because they use fasters rather than nails to attach it to the roof deck, preventing moisture from seeping in. 

Exposed Fastener Systems

Light commercial and wall applications are perfect for exposed fastener systems, and they can be installed vertically or horizontally. 

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In addition, our vast metal roofing material product selection allows us to serve nearly any needs you may have. Whether you have a small, light application or need a heavy-duty, large job completed, we will work with you to produce the best solution possible. 

Our exceptional team of clean-cut, professional, and licensed team has proudly earned us our 5-star rating and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Not many companies in our area can maintain such high ratings and reviews after over 30 years in business, but we continue to deliver on the quality our customers have come to know and expect.   

When you want your metal roof repair or installation completed correctly and efficiently, there is only one name to remember – McAllen Valley Roofing Co.

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