The Top 12 Roofing Problems (And What You Should Do About Them)​

May 22, 2020 updated 8:00PM CT
San Antonio roofing contractor repairing a damaged residential tile roof.
A McAllen Valley Roofing Co. crew members repairing a damaged residential tile roof system. Photography by Oscar Salgado for McAllen Valley Roofing Co.

When homeowners start to notice a roof leak or larger roof damage, they begin to worry they will need to spend thousands of dollars to make a repair. They often push off the issues because they are no longer under their roof warranty and they hope everything will turn out fine.

Many of the top 10 residential roofing problems do not require a full roof replacement, so it is in your best interest to take actions now. Preventive measures, such as getting a roof estimate for a small roof repair, are far less costly than having to incur a total roof replacement cost when the damage is too great.

A McAllen Valley Roofing Co. project manager inspecting a commercial building’s ceiling panels to identify the source of their roof leaks.

1. Roof Leaks and Moisture

Whether it is due to age or storm damage, it is possible for your roof to begin leaking. If any moisture manages to soak into your roof, it will create mold and mildew. This will inevitably cause rotting in the affected area(s).

2. Poor Roof Installation & Workmanship

When you opt for a quick Do-It-Yourself fix over a quality roof installation project, you are likely to experience problems down the road. A small roof replacement cost now is much less than paying for the damages caused by a poor roof installation in the future.

Two McAllen Valley Roofing Co. crew members applying bond adhesive on a commercial flat roof to patch up exposed blisters and seams.

3. Shrinkage & Blistering

As the temperature warms up or cools down, your entire house and roof go through the shrinking or blistering process. Your roof must be prepared to contract and rise as the seasons pass in order to prevent any roof damage.

4. Ponding Water

If any part of your roof has a divot, water can easily pond/pool in that area. It’s not a question or if, but when the ponding water will begin to cause leaks. Gutters and metal flashing can provide a solution to this issue.

5. Tree Damage

While trees offer wonderful shade, they can be your worst nightmare when a large storm rolls through the area.

The slightly gust can send a tree straight toward your roof. Contact a tree trimmer and follow their recommendation.

6. Bad Chimney Flashing

If your chimney is not properly flashed, it can cause a roof leak straight into your attic.

Your chimney must be counter-flashed and step-flashed to ensure water is properly directed. Caulk and roof cement do not replace good chimney flashing.

7. Hail & Storm Damage

Animals can wreak havoc on your new roof restoration or roof replacement project. Birds, bats, mice, squirrels, and other pests see your beautiful roof as a safe home. When they burrow in for safety, they create holes that inevitably cause roof damage.


8. Lifted Shingles

Storm and wind damage can lead to lifted shingles, gutters, and flashing. Any lifted shingles must be reattached to the roof and resealed in order to prevent any roof leak damage.

The longer you wait to begin this repair, the more likely you are to see damage.

9. Lack of Maintenance

Maintenance is the largest issue that leads to roofing problems down the road.

If your schedule doesn’t or physical ability do not allow you to get on top of your roof to prefer maintenance, have a reputable team of roofing contractors come out regularly. This will improve your roof’s longevity and save you money.

10. Loss of Shingle Granules

Shingle granules protect your roof from the climate and UV radiation. However, as your shingle granules fall off from wind or age, your roof’s integrity rapidly deteriorates.

You should check your roof for any bare spots or have a licensed roofing contractor come check your roof for you.

11. Animals

Animals can wreak havoc on your new roof restoration or roof replacement project. Birds, bats, mice, squirrels, and other pests see your beautiful roof as a safe home. When they burrow in for safety, they create holes that inevitably cause roof damage.


12. Wind Related Damage

Gusts of wind create uplifting pressure that rips for your shingles from its membrane and/or roofing system.

In order to prevent wind damage from small storms and mitigate damage from large hurricanes, your roof, membrane, and system must be secured to the perimeter and main structure.

Preventive Measures Save Thousands In The Long Run

At the first sign of any roof damage or roof leak, it is incredibly important to request a roof estimate for reputable local roofing contractors.

Even if your roof warranty is no longer valid, you will save thousands of dollars with a small roof repair. If you do not take preventative measures, you will inevitably have to take reactive measures and incur a total roof replacement cost. The damage from these smaller issues will become larger problems in the future.

McAllen Valley Roofing Co is dedicated to providing honest pricing and high-quality work. Whether you are worried about your single granules or have wind damage, we are the experts who can help you.

We have proudly earned our 5.0 star rating on Google because of our team’s exceptional craftsmanship. Please contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation roof estimate.

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