A Homeowner’s Guide to Protecting Your Home Before A Roof Installation

july 20TH, 2020 UPDATED 3:00PM CT
A Homeowner's Guide to Protecting Your Home Before A Roof Installation - San Antonio, TX - 02

When a San Antonio roofing contractor comes to your home to install a new roof or replace an old one, one of the first things that they will do is take measures to protect your belongings. More specifically, they’ll place tarps over your lawn, over your deck and patio furniture, and over anything else that could become damaged during the roofing process. And while these are important precautionary measures to take, they simply aren’t enough. What if a shingle falls on your car and damages it? What if the heavy machinery operator wrecks your yard or driveway? Roofing can be destructive and if you don’t follow these steps your home can be damaged:

Step 1: Walk around your home with a video camera

Walk around the exterior and interior of your home (attic) with a video camera to document any damage (or lack thereof) with your video camera. If you need to later prove that there were significant damages that accumulated as a result of the contractors, you’ll be thankful you have this proof.

Step 2: Check the weather forecast

Whether you are installing metal roofing, roof shingles, or some other kind of roofing in San Antonio, the weather plays a huge role. This is especially true for windy days. High winds are more likely to blow shingles or other debris off of your roof while the contractors are working. As a result, there is a higher likelihood that your property will be damaged by flying debris. If at all possible, opt to book your appointment around the wind forecast.

Step 3: Move as much as you can out of the way

Go around your yard and move as many things as you can to a safer place. Patio furniture, children’s toys, potted plants, garden statues, and other miscellaneous items should all be moved out of the way on installation day. Not only is this to protect your items from damage, but it will also help to clear the path for roofing San Antonio contractors to improve their efficiency.

Step 4: Move your vehicle

While your roof is being installed, you’ll want to have someplace safe to store your vehicle. If you are allowed to park on the side of the road, this should be okay. Otherwise you can politely ask your neighbors if you can park in their driveway for a few days. Your vehicle is one of the largest investments you will make, so you’ll want to protect it from any flying debris on installation day.

Step 5: Mark any items that need special protection.

Using a bright colored orange tape, go around your yard and mark anything that needs special protection. Ideally you will have already moved as much as possible but there may be some things that you can’t move. Garden flowers, hot tubs, and children’s play areas should all be covered with tarps. Anything that can’t be covered with tarps should be marked with orange tape. This will alert the roofing contractors to take special precautions when working in these areas.

Step 6: Make sure your driveway is protected

Falling debris can not only damage your personal belongings but they can also damage your driveway. Before any installation takes place, your contractor should cover your driveway with protective plywood sheets. These should be provided by your roofing company, so don’t feel that you need to rush out and buy any yourself. These can also be placed on your yard to help protect against lawn damage.

Step 7: Ask the contractors to stack heavy materials on your driveway

Before beginning your roofing installation, politely ask contractors or any delivery workers to place all materials on your driveway – not your lawn. Some roofing materials can be heavy and can cause significant damage to your grass or leave ruts in your yard. By asking the contractors to place all materials in your driveway, you can avoid unnecessary lawn damage.

Step 8: Protect your windows

When it comes to roofing San Antonio, falling debris can hit your windows causing them to break. To be safe, it’s best to protect them by putting up some boarding. This should be provided by the company installing your roof and should not be something you have to worry about. If they don’t board up your windows, just politely ask if they would mind doing so.

Step 9: Take down any photos, mirrors, or wall hangings

While installing your new roof, your roofing contractors will be using machinery and tools that can cause vibrations in your home. These vibrations can cause things to fall off of your walls. To be safe, remove any hanging wall decor before the installation begins.

Step 10: Clean out your attic

Your attic is the place that is most vulnerable to damage during a new roofing installation. If you have anything that you consider valuable in your attic, move it to another floor before the installation begins.

Of course, your property isn’t the only thing that you’ll want to protect during your roofing installation. When it comes to roofing in San Antonio, many people prefer to move out for a few days. Roofing can be a very noisy and invasive job, and many people don’t like to stick around while it’s taking place. With that being said, in most cases it’s not a necessity that you move out. If you do decide to stay, here are some other precautions you can take:

Step 1: Find somewhere for the children to go.

Even if you decide to stay during a roofing installation, you should try to find somewhere else that your children can stay. During the installation there will be a lot of flying debris, nails, and other dangers around that could harm a wandering child. Not only that, but depending on the age of your child, the noise could bother them. It’s best to find them a safe, quiet place to stay like Grandma and Grandpas while the job is getting done.

Step 2: Prepare your pets

If you have somewhere else that your pets can go to stay during your roofing installation, that would be ideal. But if you don’t have anyone who is willing to pet-sit, there are some things you can do to prepare. First off, be aware that your pets could be bothered by the noise and company. Be prepared to give your pet some extra love and snuggles during this time.

Also make sure you stock up on toys and things to keep them busy (especially if you have a dog). You’ll want to keep your pet inside as much as possible during installation, so they may have some pent up energy if they are used to spending a lot of time outdoors. Provide them with lots of toys to keep them busy during this time.

Roofing in San Antonio can be destructive but there are some measures you can take to keep your home, property, and loved ones safe. Speak to your local roofing contractor today to learn more about precautions that you can take while your roof is being installed.

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