8 Signs You Might Need A Roof Replacement

May 22, 2020, 8:43 PM CST
Residential home with severe roof damage in need of a roof replacement
It is a well-known fact that taking care of small problems early on is far less costly than paying for larger damages down the road. If you choose to be reactive rather than proactive when it comes to your roof damage, you may incur a total roof replacement cost that is thousands of dollars. If your roof is showing any of these eight signs, you will want to schedule a roof estimate now to determine if you only need a small roof repair or replacement. You may get lucky and find that your roof warranty covers some of these signs.

Curled, Cracked, or Missing Shingles

Shingles that have curled or cracked are nearing the end of their useful life, whereas missing shingles are an indication you may soon have a roof leak. This can lead to larger problems than a simple repair. Roofs that have curled, cracked, or missing shingles should be scheduled for a roof repair as soon as possible.

Shingle Granules in the Gutter

The shingle granules on your roof are incredibly important for protecting against the elements and harmful UV rays. As the shingles age, the granules shed. When your shingle granules begin appearing in the gutter, it is time to schedule a roof estimate and consider a roof replacement.

Leaking Attic

If you have a roof leak in your attic, this issue needs to be resolved as quickly as possible to avoid any mildew, mold, or rotting. You may need a simple roof repair on your flashes, or you may be looking at a brand new roof installation. Reputable roofing contractors will let you know your exact options.

Algae Growth and Wet Spots

When wet spots or algae begin to appear on your roof, you should immediately inspect the area or have roofing contractors take a look. This is a sign that there is moisture in your roof, and it could lead to significant roof damage. If it is not handled early on, you could be looking at a substantial roof replacement cost down the road.

Peeling Paint Near Roof-line

If an attic is poorly ventilated, humidity is increasing, or your gutter system is failing, it can cause damage to the paint. Over time, the paint will blister and begin to start peeling off. Roofing contractors will be able to determine the exact cause of the issue and make repair recommendations during an inspection.

Roof Age

Your roof installation is not going to last forever, unfortunately. Depending on the type of material used during installation, your roof can last for around 20 or more years. You can attempt a roof restoration project if you still have a few years left on your roof, but you will eventually need to consider a total roof replacement once you hit the 20-year mark.

Exterior Light Showing Through Roof Boards

When you can begin to see the sun shining through your roof, you need to immediately schedule a roofing estimate. Your roof is allowing air, water, and animals to easily enter, which can cause significant damage if not handled quickly. A small roof repair may be able to fix the problem, or you may have to begin a roof replacement cost.

Dents or Scratches Around Roof Features

Your roof has many features on it, such as chimneys, joints, fasteners, and more. If these features sustain any dents, scratches, or other damage, this could signal you may have other roof damage from storms or hail.

Early Detection Is Incredibly Important

A roof replacement cost may be costly now, but it will only rise as the damage continues to spread through your roof. If you want to avoid a total roof replacement, you need to schedule a roof estimate now to determine what kind of roof repair you need.

Do I need a roof replacement or just a simple roof repair?

You should always check your roof warranty to see if the damage you noticed is covered. This may save you thousands of dollars in the long run. During your roof estimate, our roofing contractors will be happy to explain how much you are saving by taking care of the smaller problem now versus a large problem later. A professional residential roofing contractor can tell you if any part of your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Our exceptional team at McAllen Valley Roofing Co. provides our customers the 5.0 star rated roof replacement and repair they deserve. We built our company on honest pricing and high-quality work. Do not put off your roof repair or roof replacement. Contact us today for your no-obligation quote!