5 Common Roofing Scams and How to Avoid Them

You deserve honest work and fair prices when it comes to your roof replacement, repair, restoration, or installation. 

Unfortunately, some roofing contractors will attempt to take advantage of you when it is time to look into getting a roof estimate.

In order to protect your investment, get the best roof warranty, and pay the best price for your roof replacement cost, understand the 5 common roofing scams you may encounter.


Roofing Contractors Scams To Avoid

Make sure you keep these red flags in the back of your mind during a residential roofing estimate. If you feel like any of these are occurring, it’s time to give another company a call.


1. Storm Chasers

After a storm comes through the San Antonio area, you will likely have a few roofing contractors knocking on your door. These storm chasers are seeking out susceptible individuals. They will rush into the conversation and let you know the storm caused damage to your roof.

While this very well may be true, you will always want a second opinion. If the storm chaser contractor is incredibly pusher, it’s likely that your roof is fine and they are trying to scam you into signing a contract.

It’s best to remember that the best roofing companies will not have the time to solicit every home in the area after a storm. If you fear you may have storm damage, schedule a time for a free estimate to find out. All reputable roofing companies offer these estimates.


2. Insurance Fraud

During your roof installation, your contractor may offer to pay for your deductible and provide a free incentive. This is a very concerning red flag and you should immediately walk away from the project.

If you continue down this path, the contractor will bill you a small amount and request a larger amount from your insurance company. Any surplus they manage to get out of their scam will be immediately pocketed.

Roofing contractors cannot pay your deductible for you. Immediately get in contact with another company to continue your roof repair, installation, or restoration project.


3. Unnecessary Repairs

If you are looking at a roof replacement or need some repairs, a contractor looking to scam you will say you need unnecessary repairs to your roof. Whether it is a whole section that is perfectly intact or drip edges that work fine, these scammers will attempt to sell you on these additional repairs.

It is always in your best interest to receive a second or even third roof estimate on any recommended roof repair. Reputable roofing contractors will not have any issues with you doing this because they will be confident in the repairs and quote they have provided.

Anyone who wants to rush you along the process is trying to charge you more for something you might not need.


4. Roofer Inflicted Damage That Leads to More Repairs

Under no circumstances should a roofing contractor who “happens to be driving by” be permitted onto your roof. They will usually start the conversation by saying they noticed damage on your roof while they were heading back from another job.

If you allow them on your roof, they will inflict the damage they noticed from the road that was never actually there. From there, the scammer will then try to push you to make more repairs.

Thank them for pointing it out and schedule a time with a reputable company in the area. You will want another opinion about this damage that can be seen from the road before you move forward on any roof estimate.


5. Asking for Large Payment Upfront

A small upfront payment is normal and expected, especially if you have a large roof restoration or roof replacement cost. This down payment usually goes toward the cost of supplies, materials, and other necessary items to begin the project.

If your roofing contractor is asking for a substantial amount of the entire cash payment before the project begins, walk away and find a new contractor.

The scammer asking for nearly the entire amount at the beginning will disappear. Whether work was started or not, you will be out thousands of dollars and no way to track them down. Always have a contract and reviews from past clients.


Protect Yourself and Your Roof Investment

The best way to protect your home and roof investment is to learn how to identify these red flags from scammers. It’s important to understand how reputable roofing contractors operate so you do not fall for scammers’ tactics.

Anyone who is pushing you to make a decision quickly before getting a second roof estimate is likely not someone you should trust.

When you turn to McAllen Valley Roofing Co, you will quickly see how we consistently earn our 5.0 star rating on Google. Our company will never force you into a decision and will always answer any questions you may have.

We are happy to provide no obligation quotes and encourage you to get a second opinion. Although, you will be hard pressed to find another company in the San Antonio area that provides the same quality work at our honest prices.

Please contact us today if we can be of any assistance to you.

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